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Tabla Solo By Shri Prafulla Athalye

TaalSadhana Presents Tabla Solo by Shri Prafulla Athalye (Disciple of Ustad Allarakha and Ustad Zakir Hussein – Punjab Gharana) Accompanied on Lehera by Pandit Ramesh Mishra (Sarangi) The first half consists of a Tabla Duet by Sunaina Mukherjee and Neil Khare (both students of TaalSadhana), followed by a Violin Recital by Shripad Tilak. Venue: 31 Emily Pl, Parsippany, NJ 07054 Date: 27th March, 2011 Time: 4:00 pm sharp to 7:30 pm Tickets: $20.00 per person. Kids under 10 come FREE. Snacks sold separately. Seating is limited, so please RSVP. RSVP and Contact: TaalSadhana@gmail.com / 973-585-6014 **Parking: There is a strip mall across the street with a 2 minute walk to the venue.** Click here to download the flyer.


Vocals in Indian Classical are based around the different traditions of Indian Classical Music. Lets learn more about this wonderful tradition of Indian Classical Music.